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Märchen - Sagenhaft - Der Froschkönig

Difficulty: intermediate German Country: Germany

Check out this animated version of the classic Grimm Brothers's fairytale "The Frog Prince," with a lively narration by Bastian Pastewka.

Katherine Heigl - Sie liebt deutsches Essen

Difficulty: intermediate German Country: Germany

Not too long ago, American actress and film producer Katherine Heigl, best known for her work in Grey's Anatomy, visited Esslingen, the birthplace of her grandfather. Now she is back visiting Germany, where she particulary prizes the food: bratwurst, sauerkraut, and above all, spaetzle. Guten Appetit! “Copyright dpa”

Deutschkurs in Tübingen - Vorbereitung auf den Test

Difficulty: intermediate German Country: Germany

For a German language test, students have to conjugate verbs in the present tense, past tense and present perfect.

DIVA-Verleihung - Schauspieler des Jahres

Difficulty: advanced German Country: Germany

At the 2009 annual German Entertainment Awards, Tomas Kretschmann is awarded the DIVA for Best Actor for his acclaimed roles in Wanted, Operation Valkyrie, The Sea Wolf, and in the German TV drama Mogadischu. He receives the prize from the German actress Nadja Uhl, who offers a moving speech in his honor.

Piggeldy und Frederick - Der Himmel

Difficulty: intermediate German Country: Germany

Piggeldy and his big brother Frederick are out and about again, discovering and learning about the world. This time they set out to find where the sky begins. Also available as app.

Culcha Candela - Schöne Neue Welt

Difficulty: advanced German Country: Germany

With their song “Schöne Neue Welt” [Brave New World] the Berlin Hip-Hop and Reggae band Culcha Candela criticizes the superficiality and indifference of the “fun society” towards problems like climate change.

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