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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the content appropriate for children?

    Yes. With a group account, we limit the selection of videos based grade level. K-12 accounts can only access videos that are free from profanity and any other age inappropriate content. University accounts have full selection of videos.

  • When will my account be activated?

    If you pay with a credit card, your account is active immediately. If you pay by purchase order, your account will be activated when we receive it.

  • Can I buy additional user accounts later?

    Yes, you can buy add additional users any time. We’ll only charge the difference between packages and prorate it for the number of months remaining on the subscription.

  • Can I change the user accounts during the year?

    Yes. With a group account you control who has access and can add or remove users at any time.

  • Can I buy a 9-month / school year subscription?

    No, we only offer 12-month subscriptions.

  • Any questions before you sign up?

    Please don't hesitate to ask. You can use the contact form or call us at +1 212 625-3226.

  • Do you have terms of service and privacy policies?

    Absolutely, here are our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.