About Yabla

Yabla develops cutting-edge multimedia technologies designed with language learning and media localization in mind. Further, Yabla develops products which use these technologies and blend them with authentic television, film and music in a variety of languages, providing non-natives with effective, content-driven acquisition experiences that are enjoyably pursued on a regular basis.

The Name

"Yabla" is a shortening of "ya habla" which means "speak now" in Spanish. From our humble beginnings, with a few Spanish videos, we now offer six languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and English) all with the same great name: Yabla.


Yabla, Inc.
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About Our Programming

Yabla videos come from contemporary television, film and music, videos intended for native speakers and made by native speakers. First and foremost the material in our products is engaging, entertaining, and real, the very same material that natives are watching every day for information and entertainment. Clips span the geo-political world that calls each language its own, providing exposure to a wide variety of accents and dialects. Because it is fun, entertaining, informative, and always changing, learners return regularly and frequently, progressing rapidly.

For Educators

Yabla subscription products have available features for teachers and students, including the ability of teachers to assign videos and due dates, to see their students' Yabla Game scores, and for students to monitor their own scores and assignments. Teachers are welcome to utilize Yabla in the classroom by projecting the Yabla video interface for shared viewing. Institutional multi-user pricing is available. Current educational clients include Brown University, University of Michigan, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and the International Baccalaureate Academy of Connecticut.

Multimodal Language Immersion

Multimodal means that you receive multiple means of authentic language input simultaneously. Numerous studies have shown that combining simultaneous "redundant" forms of communication -- for example, textual, aural, and visual -- results in rates of language acquisition that exceed the rates for the individual modes combined. Further, video has been shown to result in a significantly higher rate of acquisition than mere still image audio accompaniments.

Licensing and OEM Integration

Yabla can also tailor Yabla features and technology for your specific localization and/or language education needs. We can customize features, graphics and functionality to meet your requirements. We can also prepare your own video content in the Yabla format for your clients and students. Contact us at any time and we'll be happy to assist you.