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RheinMainTV aktuell - Gedenken an KZ-Außenlager in Frankfurt

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:15     Accent: German

The city of Frankfurt is looking for new ways to memorialize the victims of the Nazis. As part of an art project, 250 passersby fell to the ground as a symbolic gesture to memorialize the victims of the Katzbach Concentration Camp in Frankfurt.

Helge Schneider - Auf der Bühne geht's mir gut

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:44     Accent: German

There are some who claim that you need a few beers in you first for Helge Schneider to be funny, then there are others (like myself) who find this talented, hilarious comedian nothing less than a national treasure of Germany. Viel Spaß! (video copyright dpa)

Eva Behrend - zeigt uns Kleidungsstücke

Difficulty: beginner German     Length: 3:04     Accent: German

Yabla's own Eva shows us various pieces of clothing typically found in a home wardrobe and gives us the German name for them all. Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen!

Piggeldy und Frederick - Karton

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:07     Accent: German

Piggeldy and Frederick go out in search of boxes, and reach the happy conclusion that it's best not to be human. On the other hand, do they consider their likely fate as pigs?

Frankfurt wird Handelszentrum - für die chinesische Währung Yuan

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:46     Accent: German

As of last week, it's confirmed: Frankfurt will be the commercial center for the Chinese yuan currency, also called the renminbi. The city of Frankfurt hopes to expand its role in the finance world even more with this currency coup!

Kinder lernen - wie aus Wind Strom gemacht wird

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:47     Accent: German

Kids at the "Schule am Hang" elementary school in Frankfurt am Main are doing experiments on energy resources, and all of it sponsored by the local electric company Mainova AG. See if you can spot the future scientists among the kids interviewed!

Märchen - Sagenhaft - Das tapfere Schneiderlein

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 5:01     Accent: German

Enjoy this classic Grimm Brothers Fairy tale "The Brave Little Tailor," and remember the moral of the story: Think big!

Monsters of Liedermaching - Ein Pferd

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:14     Accent: German

The Monsters of Liedermaching are again coming up with the funniest lyrics out there, this time wishing for a horsey for Christmas — one that steals friends! Kopfhörer aufsetzen, Musik aufdrehen!

Olympiade in Deutschland - Nicht um jeden Preis

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:44     Accent: German

What is happening to Germany's reputation as a sport-friendly country? A referendum in Bavaria has made it clear, that they do not wish to host the Olympics in the foreseeable future. (video copyright dpa)

Piggeldy und Frederick - Faulheit

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:08     Accent: German

Piggeldy's big brother Frederick realizes, while trying to explain the concept of laziness to Piggeldy, that he himself was never allowed to experience being lazy. Piggeldy, of course, has the perfect solution to his problem!

Kängurubaby - Von Hand aufgezogen

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:07     Accent: German

Do you happen to have a spare female Parma Wallaby around that you don't need? Biga Kruse, who runs an animal shelter in Klingelbach, is looking for a companion for her baby kangaroo E.T. Watch this amazing video about a couple who saves orphaned animals of many different species. (video copyright dpa)

Jupiter Jones - Still

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:55     Accent: German

Jupiter Jones gives a rousing performance in this power ballad about life, love, and loss. Kopfhörer aufsetzen, Musik aufdrehen!

Mini-U-Boot - Verschwundene Boeing

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:17     Accent: German

It looks like a yellow cigar and drives like a lawnmower on the bottom of the sea: Kiel researchers hope that the submarine "Abyss" can help find debris from the missing Malaysian Boeing flight. (video copyright dpa)

Kochhaus Berlin - Rucola-Salat-Rezept

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:26     Accent: German

Professional cook Tolga von Klein from the Kochhaus Berlin shows us how to turn a simple salad into a... mouth experience! He also gives us some invaluable tips on how to find the best fresh asaparagus and how to know just where to cut the stems. Warning: just watching this will make you hungry! Guten Appetit!

Märchen - Sagenhaft - Des Kaisers Neue Kleider

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 5:01     Accent: German

This very entertaining animated version of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" has a moral that is applicable in society and politics to this very day. And though looking good is important, that is most definitely not the moral of this story!

Flirt-Coach-Serie - Die große Liebe finden

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:54     Accent: German

Are you ready to find the love of your life? "Flirt coach" Julia Mattes from Berlin can give you some good advice on how to proceed in your search. Happy hunting! (video copyright dpa)

Deutschkurs in Blaubeuren - Relativsätze mit Präpositionen - Part 6

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:39     Accent: German

In this, the very last of the "relative clause" series, the class seems to have had a late one the night before. Despite Barbara having expressly described the correct pronunciation of träumen only a minute before, Stephanie continues to mispronounce it. Perhaps the class will be fresher after lunch! Viel Spaß beim Lernen!

Zeit - Die Vergangenheit und Zukunft von allem - Part 2

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 3:40     Accent: German

Did you know that the T-Rex dinosaur is closer to us in time than to its distant ancestor, the Stegosaurus? Watch this amazing video for the fastest history of the universe ever told!
This video has been a collaboration of KURZGESAGT & WAITBUTWHY!

Erfinder - Erfindermesse in Nürnberg

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:25     Accent: German

The great inventors' exhibition begins soon at the Nuremberg Exhibition Hall, where more than 700 inventions are on display. Check out just a few of the many clever ideas being presented. (video copyright dpa)

Helene Fischer - Streiten liegt ihr nicht

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:10     Accent: German

Schlager star Helene Fischer does not like to argue, so if you are a person who thrives on friction, you had best not apply to Team Fischer! Helene gets up close and personal in this interview featuring music clips from her latest album. (video copyright dpa)

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