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Football and Flowers

Lesson 41. Vocabulary

Piggeldy und Frederick - Vergessen

video thumbnail Length: 3:09
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Freilebende Papageien - Überwintern in Wiesbaden

video thumbnail Length: 1:42
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Der Sternschnuppenmarkt - in Wiesbaden

video thumbnail Length: 3:30
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Valentinstag - in Karlsruhe

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Piggeldy und Frederick - Das Fernweh

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Gertrude Stein may have felt that a "rose is a rose is a rose is a rose," but William Shakespeare wrote that "the summer's flower is to the summer sweet," especially after a "barren winter, with his wrathful nipping cold." You probably already know that flowers are Blumen, but do you know the names of some of the common varieties? Let's start with some parts of the flower:

Die Bienen und Hummeln ohne Gegenwind von Blüte zu Blüte fliegen konnten.
The bees and the bumblebees could fly from blossom to blossom without a headwind.
Caption 9,
Piggeldy und Frederick: Vergessen

Irgendwas zum Fressen gibt's eigentlich immer, Knospen, Blätter oder Früchte von Platanen.
There's always something to eat, buds, leaves, or fruit from the plane trees.
Captions 25-26,
Freilebende Papageien: Überwintern in Wiesbaden

And on to some specific flower varieties:

Ein achtundzwanzig Meter großer Baum und sechzehn riesige beleuchtete Lilien
A twenty-eight meter tall tree and sixteen gigantic illuminated lilies
Captions 1-2,
Der Sternschnuppenmarkt: in Wiesbaden

Weil heute Valentinstag ist, gibt es besonders viele rote Rosen.
Because today is Valentine's Day, there are especially many red roses.
Caption 9,
Valentinstag: in Karlsruhe

Die Hagebuttenrosen blühten so rosa wie schon lange nicht mehr.
The rose hips were blooming pinker than they had for a long time.
Caption 26,
Piggeldy und Frederick: Das Fernweh

Those whose seasonal interests extend beyond the horticultural may enjoy watching some videos on another favorite summer pastime: soccer (aka football). Check out the new Yabla video at the top of this article and search for more soccer videos on German Yabla.

Further Learning
Take a look at this excellent list of German flower names. See which ones are easy to remember for their similarities to English, and make up a set of flash cards for the ones you find difficult. Hibiscus is clearly der Hibiskus, but who could've guessed that baby's breath is das Schleierkraut? Then go through the Yabla videos above and explore the context in which these flowery sentences were used!

False Friends ("Falsche Freunde") Part III

Lesson 40. Grammar

Lektionen - Morgen

video thumbnail Length: 4:27
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Rat für nachhaltige Entwicklung - Mode gegen Armut

video thumbnail Length: 5:10
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Paris Hilton - in Frankfurt

video thumbnail Length: 3:12
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In our last lesson on false friends, we discussed a few false cognates that begin with the letter B. Today, we're moving one stop further down the alphabet to learn about some falsche Freunde starting with C and D:

der Chef / die Chefin: the boss or departmental head
False English friend: chef, the head cook (German: der Chefkoch / die Chefköchin, der Küchenchef / die Küchenchefin)

Ich werde morgen mit meinem Chef reden.
I will talk with my boss tomorrow.
Caption 53,
Lektionen: Morgen

dezent: discreet, discreetly, low-key, unobtrusive
False English friend: decent, appropriate, fitting (German: anständig, ordentlich)

Normalerweise sind die Tuaregs ja auch eher dezent gekleidet.
Normally the Tuaregs are indeed dressed rather discreetly.
Caption 46,
Rat für nachhaltige Entwicklung: Mode gegen Armut

Dose: can, tin
False English friend: dose, a quantity of medicine (German: die Dosis)

… denn über den Schaumwein in Dosen geht ihr nichts.
… because for her, there's nothing like the sparkling wine in cans.
Caption 17,
Paris Hilton: in Frankfurt

Further Learning
Try to find more words in German and English that sound similar but have different meanings. For a thorough list of German false friends, take a look at this extensive chart and then search Yabla videos to find the words used in context!

Springtime Activities in Germany

Lesson 39. Expressions

Fahrrad - Frühjahrs-Check

video thumbnail Length: 1:35
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Berlin - Eva im Viktoriapark

video thumbnail Length: 2:14
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Eis - Eiskalte Leidenschaft

video thumbnail Length: 2:37
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Jahreszeiten - Der Frühling

video thumbnail Length: 1:15
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All Mel Brooks jokes aside, Germany is a cold, gray place in winter, and the first hints of spring draw everyone out into the sunshine like hibernating bears emerging from their winter caves. Springtime is truly appreciated in Northern Europe, not like your year-round boring Southern California sunshine, and with this special time of year come special springtime activities, as well.

How better to get about than on a bicycle?

Frühlingszeit ist Fahrradzeit, also raus mit dem Fahrrad und ab auf die Piste.
Springtime is bike time, so get out the bike and hit the road.
Caption 1,
Fahrrad: Frühjahrs-Check

And as you pass by Viktoriapark in Berlin's Kreuzberg district,

Man kann sich dort sonnen, Frisbee spielen oder ein Picknick machen.
You can sun yourself, play frisbee, or have a picnic.
Caption 9,
Berlin: Eva im Viktoriapark

After all that sunshine, what better way to cool off than with some exotically flavored ice cream?

Leopardeneis und Vanilleeis, ein Traum für einen sonnigen Frühlingsnachmittag.
Leopard ice cream and vanilla ice cream, a dream for a sunny spring afternoon.
Caption 46,
Eis: Eiskalte Leidenschaft

This is the time to really enjoy life, after all!

Das ist der Frühling… alle freuen sich: die Tiere, die Pflanzen, die Menschen.
This is spring… everyone rejoices: the animals, the plants, the people.
Captions 10-11,
Jahreszeiten: Der Frühling

Further Learning
Gardening is also a very popular spring and summer activity. Go to this extensive garden glossary and then go outside and see if you can put some of your new vocabulary to practical use in nature! After getting some fresh air, see if you can find some of the newly-learned springtime terms in context in a video on German Yabla!

Are you certain?

Lesson 38. Expressions

Frauenfußball-WM - Der Bundespräsident am Ball

video thumbnail Length: 2:22
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Für Tierfreunde - Tierheim Nied

video thumbnail Length: 3:47
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Konjugation - Das Verb „essen“

video thumbnail Length: 4:21
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Umfragen - Zootiere im Winter - Part 2

video thumbnail Length: 4:22
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Has anyone ever had the audacity to doubt you, despite your obvious inborn genius and natural talents? The best response to such outrageous treatment is, of course, to put the disbelievers firmly in their place, and this is best accomplished through modifiers that express certainty, ways of emphasizing that there can simply be no doubt: you are the greatest, and they are just going to have to live with the fact.

Former German president Christian Wulff may have been forced to resign in a 2012 scandal, but nobody ever doubted his support for the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup:

Die Unterstützung des Schirmherrn aus dem Schloss Bellevue ist also gewiss.
The support of the patron from Bellevue Castle is certain.
Captions 13-14:
Frauenfußball-WM: Der Bundespräsident am Ball

As to life after the resignation, Wulff may be facing difficulties similar to those of an animal shelter in Nied:

Die Zeiten werden rauer, so viel steht fest.
The times are getting rougher, that is for sure.
Caption 48,
Für Tierfreunde: Tierheim Nied

Though Wulff's smile is still looking good, there's always room for improvement, as suggested by Diane and Franca:

Wenn ich weniger Schokolade essen würde, wäre mein Zahnarzt bestimmt zufriedener mit mir.
If I ate less chocolate, my dentist would certainly be happier with me.
Captions 30-31:
Konjugation: Das Verb „essen“

And were Wulff to be accused of smuggling a polar bear into the Frankfurt Zoo, he would surely respond:

Doch wie Sie sicherlich wissen, gibt's im Frankfurter Zoo keine Eisbären.
But as you surely know, there aren't any polar bears in the Frankfurt Zoo.
Caption 11:
Umfragen: Zootiere im Winter

Further Learning
Gewiss, feststehen, bestimmt, and sicherlich are just a few examples of the many ways of expressing certainty in German. Go the the aforementioned interview with former German president Christian Wulff on Yabla and see if you can find other examples of Mr. Wulff expressing certainty. As the old saying goes, Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall.

German: What for?

Lesson 37. Vocabulary

Rund um den Flughafen - Der neue Airbus A-380

video thumbnail Length: 3:32
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IAA - Traumland für Autobegeisterte

video thumbnail Length: 1:26
Difficulty: Difficulty

Kein Kredit - im Land der Klone - Part 4

video thumbnail Length: 2:29
Difficulty: Difficulty

The German combination of wo with a preposition is good for asking questions to clarify specific situations when warum (why) is too general. Since wo is generally translated as "where" in English, the wo + preposition combination can cause confusion among German beginners, since in this case wo is usually translated as "what." If the man is waiting (Er wartet), you may be tempted to ask what he is waiting for. Für was wartet er? would be wrong and a typical beginner's mistake — correct is Worauf wartet er? This translates as "What is he waiting for?", thus worauf is "what for."

Wo can be combined with the following prepositions: an, auf, aus, bei, durch, für, gegen, in, mit, nach, über, unter, von, vor, and zu. Note that when combining wo with a preposition that starts with a vowel, the letter r is added between wo and the preposition: woran, worauf, woraus, worin, worüber, worunter. This may seem complicated at first, but in context you will find it much easier than expected! Here are some examples from Yabla:

Der Höhepunkt des Abends, worauf alle gewartet haben...
The highlight of the evening, which everybody had been waiting for...
Caption 35,
Rund um den Flughafen: Der neue Airbus A-380

Es macht viel Spaß, wobei die Füße jetzt langsam anfangen doch etwas zu schmerzen.
It's a lot of fun, although the feet now are indeed slowly starting to ache somewhat.
Captions 10-11,
IAA: Traumland für Autobegeisterte

Ich weiß nicht, wovon Sie sprechen!
I don't know what you're talking about!
Caption 10,
Kein Kredit: im Land der Klone

Further Learning
Go the the main Yabla German page and search for some of the following wo + preposition combinations: woran = on what, of which; worauf = at which, whereupon; woraus = from what, whence; wobei = whereby, although; wodurch = by which means, whereby; wofür = for what; wogegen = against what; worin = in what, wherein; womit = whereby, wherewith; wonach = after what, whereupon; worüber = about what, whereat; worunter = under which, from what; wovon = from what, whereof; wovor = of what, in front of what; wozu = what for, why.

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