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Unser Universum - Die Sonne

Difficulty: advanced German     Germany

The Sun is the dominant orb in our planetary system. According to researchers, its light will extinguish in 4 billion years. Enough time for a couple more sunbaths. A documentary by WissensMagazin.

Unser Universum - Der tiefste Blick ins All

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

The desire to be able to see further and further out into space is made possible by an amazingly large telescope in the Ataca wilderness in the northern part of Chile. It is aptly called VLT (“very large telescope”) and gives us a glimpse into the cosmic past. Enjoy this journey back in time! A documentary by WissensMagazin.

Unser Universum - Asteroiden - Gefahr aus dem All?

Difficulty: advanced German     Germany

An interesting discussion from the field of astronomy: Considered minor planets, asteroids are categorized according to their orbits. Also, contrary to sensationalistic Hollywood’s film portrayals, the probability of them posing a danger to planet Earth in the short-run is slight. To the science enthusiasts among our subscribers, enjoy! A documentary by WissensMagazin.