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Nespresso - Wie ein Star

Level Beginner


Our German George Clooney enjoys star treatment in the form of a Ristretto. Viel Spaß!

Für Tierfreunde - Münchner Eisbärbabys zeigen sich

Level Beginner


What's cuter than a baby polar bear? Two baby polar bears! The recent birth of twins at the Munich Zoo has caused a media sensation. Watch this report to see for yourself! (video copyright dpa)

Grete - eine Freiwillige in Israel

Level Beginner


Grete has been living and volunteering in a city near Tel Aviv for the last nine months. In this video, she speaks about her decision to live in Israel for a longer period of time.

Märchenstunde - Das Aschenputtel

Level Beginner


Cettina reads Part 1 of "Das Aschenputtel," known in English as "Cinderella." By the way, you'll notice that the German word for Cinderella is neuter – which means that "es/ihm" here translates...

Die Wohngemeinschaft - Besuch

Level Beginner


Julia and Marie have recently moved to Berlin and are waiting for their friend Brigitta to arrive for a visit.

Berlin - Domäne Dahlem

Level Intermediate


The Domain Dahlem is a former estate, innovative working farm and museum in Berlin. Here people of all ages can see the animals and...

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Unlimited access to our growing library of 2100+ videos for less than the cost of a 15 minute lesson.

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Just $ 12.95 USD per month

Unlimited access to our growing library of 2100+ videos for less than the cost of a 15 minute lesson.