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Der Struwwelpeter - Hans Guck-in-die-Luft

Difficulty: difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate

Germany Middle High German

Johnnie Head-In-the-Air is one of the famous stories from the children’s book “Der Struwwelpeter,” written by Frankfurt doctor Heinrich Hoffmann in 1845.

Der Struwwelpeter - Der fliegende Robert

Difficulty: difficulty - Adv-Intermediate Adv-Intermediate


_The Story of the Flying Robert_ is another one from Heinrich Hoffmann's famous children's book _Der Struwwelpeter_, published in 1845.

Der Struwwelpeter - Ausschnitte

Difficulty: difficulty - Beginner Beginner


Der Struwwelpeter, known famously in English as “Shockheaded Peter”, is a brutal set of stories from the 19th century intended to terrify children into behaving.
In 1891, Mark Twain wrote “Slovenly Peter”, his own translation of the book.
This video selection, made in the 1950s, adds a fantastic, surreal element to what is already a bizarre selection of tales. Copyright: RheinMainTV.