Frankfurter Flughafen
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Frankfurter Flughafen - Animal Lounge

Difficulty: difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate

Germany Hessian

Annually over 100 million animals are lodged in Frankfurt's Animal Lounge. A wide assortment of living creatures are temporarily received, examined by a veterinarian and lovingly cared for. Viel Spaß!

Frankfurter Flughafen - Ja zu FRA! Erklärfilm

Difficulty: difficulty - Intermediate Intermediate


Frankfurt Airport: whether it's Claudia handing you your boarding pass, Max repairing the air conditioning, or Wolfgang importing medical technology from around the globe, this short video clip gives you a glimpse into the worldwide impact of Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurter Flughafen - Flugzeugschlepper

Difficulty: difficulty - Adv-Intermediate Adv-Intermediate

Germany Hessian

This behind the scenes report from Frankfurt Airport shows how incoming and outgoing airplanes are managed on the tarmac. With fifteen thousand transportation and pushback assignments per month, this is no small task!

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