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Bring the Noise!

In this week's new video Mama arbeitet wieder, a construction company boss tells his foreman:


Aber bevor wir hier abziehen,

But before we pull out here,

lassen wir's noch mal richtig krachen [umgangssprachlich], was?

we'll make a really big noise [slang, celebrate], right?

Caption 4, Mama arbeitet wieder - Kapitel 2: Kompromisse zu finden ist nicht einfach

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The verb krachen is defined by the Duden dictionary as primarily "einen Krach verursachen, auslösen" or "causing a loud noise." Its slang meanings are "to have a fight with somebody" (Krach haben) or "to suffer a bankruptcy" (Krach erleiden), the latter similar to the "crash" of the stock market in English. The verb combination krachen lassen, however, usually means "to celebrate."

Da wünsch ich euch viel Spaß! Lasst es krachen [Umgangssprache]!

Then I hope you have a lot of fun! Make some noise [celebrate]!

Caption 70, Silvester - Vorsätze für das neue Jahr - Linkenheim

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A variation to the translation "to celebrate" is made in the case where a car really "makes some noise":

Und die lassen es in der brandneuen,

And they'll really, in the brand new

über zweihundert PS starken A-Klasse so richtig krachen.

over two hundred horsepower strong A-Class, make some noise [idiom: "cut loose"].

Captions 16-17, Mercedes Benz - Michael Schumacher und Nico Rosberg bei der Nationalmannschaft

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So the slang term "krachen lassen" is usually used in connection with some kind of celebration, such as a birthday party or New Year's celebration. The New Year may be some time away, but that gives you a chance to get some practice celebrations going in the meantime. Lass es krachen! 



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