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But Apart from That...

The way to say "apart from" something, an expression that is helpful when you want to make a specific point about a topic in a conversation, is the phrase abgesehen von (etwas).


The problem for English speakers with learning this is that the phrase is based upon a verb, absehen, which is confusing when used in the "apart from" context, since it is usually translated as "to foresee" or sometimes as "to predict": 


Ja, man konnte es absehen.

Yes, you could foresee it.

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Even the adverbial form, absehbar, is usually translated as "foreseeable" or sometimes "predictable":


...dass es sich in absehbarer Zeit ins Gegenteil verkehrt.

...that in the foreseeable future, it will move in the opposite direction.

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Deswegen war absehbar: Das wird nicht auf ewig so sein, diese Doppelbelastung.

Therefore, it was foreseeable that it wouldn't last forever, this double load.

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The phrase abgesehen von (etwas), however, does not mean that something can be foreseen, but rather: 


Abgesehen von neugierigen Bootstouristen sind sie dort relativ ungestört.

Apart from the curious tourists on boats, they are relatively undisturbed there.

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Schlüters Entscheidungsunfähigkeit passt perfekt zur Merkel,

Schlüter's inability to make decisions fits perfectly with Merkel,

von kleineren Problemen abgesehen.

apart from a few small problems.

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Aber abgesehen von kleinen Anlaufschwierigkeiten schienen die Tiere schon sehr zufrieden.

But apart from minor initial difficulties, the animals seemed to be quite content.

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If the subject of your point has already been mentioned, you can also say abgesehen davon:


Abgesehen davon ist Vielfalt bei der Ernährung immer eine gute Sache.

Apart from this, variety in [one's] diet is always a good thing.

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Mal ganz abgesehen davon, dass wir natürlich kleine Schülerzahlen haben.

Quite apart from that, the fact that we have, of course, a small number of students.

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Mal abgesehen davon, dass wir dann gar nicht da wären,

Apart from that, we then wouldn't be here at all

wäre es dunkel auf der Erde... dunkel und kalt.

if it were dark on Earth... dark and cold.

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Further Learning
Apart from abgesehen von, can you think of any other ways to express "besides" or "other than?" Hint: search on Yabla German for similar expressions that use the prepositions außer, sonst, neben, außerdem, and the expression darüber hinaus

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