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False Friends ("Falsche Freunde") - Part 4

False Friends ("Falsche Freunde") - Part 1

False Friends ("Falsche Freunde") - Part 2

False Friends ("Falsche Freunde") - Part 3


In our last lesson on false friends, we discussed a few false cognates that begin with the letters C and D. Today, we're moving yet another step down the alphabet to learn about some falsche Freunde starting with E and F:


eventuell: maybe, possibly, perhaps
False English friend: eventually, finally, ultimately, at some later time (German: endlich, schließlich)


Ich rieche dran [daran],

I smell it,

ob die wirklich auch nach 'ner [einer] Erdbeere riecht,

[to see] if it also really smells like a strawberry,

und eventuell könnte ich noch oben schauen.

and maybe I could look on top.

Captions 23-24, Kochhaus Berlin - Frische Zutaten erkennen

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die Fabrik: factory
False English friend: fabric, cloth (German: der Stoff, das Gewebe)


Bald waren sie bei einer Fabrik, bei einer Farbenfabrik.

Soon they were at a factory, at a paint factory.

Caption 6, Piggeldy und Frederick - Malen

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der Fotograf: photographer
False English friend: photograph, an image taken by a camera (German: das Foto)


Also so richtig so dunkelkammermäßig so,

Well, so really like a darkroom,

wie die Fotografen das früher gemacht haben.

like the photographers used to do it.

Caption 52, Lokalhelden - Art House

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Further Learning:

Try to find more words in German and English that sound similar but have different meanings. For a thorough list of German false friends, take a look at this extensive chart and then search Yabla videos to find the words used in context!


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