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Meetings and Appointments

This week, we'll look at German nouns related to meetings, appointments, and gatherings, and their particular nuances. 


Ja, entschuldige noch mal, dass es gestern mit dem Treffen nicht geklappt hat.

Yes, sorry again that it didn't work out with the meeting yesterday.

Caption 14, Das Lügenbüro: Die Bewerbung

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The noun das Treffen may be the most commonly used word for a meeting or a gathering. However, there are circumstances in which die Besprechung (which can also mean "the talk" or "the discussion") or die Sitzung (which is more like "the session") might be more accurate. The noun die Versammlung generally refers to a larger assembly or gathering. 


Mein Mann ist noch in einer Besprechung. -Ah ja.

My husband is still in a meeting. -Ah, yes.

Caption 8, Mein Weg nach Deutschland: Auf Wohnungssuche

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Die Sitzung ist hiermit geschlossen.

The session is now closed.

Caption 72, Yabla Gerichtshof: Das verzogene Hündchen

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Diese Versammlung der Kardinäle beginnt normalerweise fünfzehn bis zwanzig Tage nach dem Tod

This assembly of cardinals normally begins fifteen to twenty days after the death,

Captions 6-7, Papst Benedikt Suche nach einem neuen Kirchoberhaupt

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The noun der Termin generally is translated as "the appointment," but can also refer to a deadline (der Abgabetermin). It generally emphasizes a specific date and time. When it comes to a doctor's appointment (also der Arzttermin), you always use der Termin, and not das Treffen.


Und dann könnten wir gleich einen Termin für ein Vorstellungsgespräch machen.

And then we can make an appointment for an interview right away.

Caption 28, Berufsleben: das Vorstellungsgespräch

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Nina hat morgen um acht einen Termin beim Arzt.

Nina has a doctor's appointment tomorrow at eight.

Caption 15, Nicos Weg: Emmas Tag

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The noun die Verabredung is a bit tricky in German, and doesn't have a precise translation in English — you might find it translated as "date," "appointment," "engagement," or "agreement." It is essentially an agreed-upon meeting between individuals (often just two people), and it can even be a date, but not necessarily. 


Es kann zum Beispiel bedeuten, dass jemand eine Verabredung nicht eingehalten hat.

It can mean, for example, that someone has not kept an appointment.

Caption 47, Eva erklärt: Sprichwörter

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It is perhaps because of this ambiguity that some Germans will even use the English word and say das Date to specify that there's romance involved. As you can see, it is capitalized in German. 


Wir warten. Du hast noch ein Date.

We'll wait. You still have a date.

Caption 56, Die Pfefferkörner: Endspurt

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Further Learning
You can find all of these words in many examples on Yabla German, which will help you get a sense of which contexts they are each used in. For der Termin and das Treffen, make sure that you memorize the gender of each word!

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