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Some German Words with "Christmas"

In keeping with the holiday spirit, let's take a look at a few German words that can be formed using Weihnachts- (Christmas-) as a root. Many of today's standard Christmas traditions originated in Germany, but as you can see from the Krampuslauf video, Germany still has a few Christmas traditions that remain very unique!


If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, you only have a couple of days left! Better head down to the Weihnachtsmarkt, which, although traditionally Southern German, can also be found in other parts of Germany:


Hier am Berliner Gendarmenmarkt

but here at the Berlin Gendarmenmarkt [a square in Berlin-Mitte],

gibt es auch einen kleinen tollen Weihnachtsmarkt.

there is also a great little Christmas market.

Caption 7, Weihnachtsmärkte - mit Eva

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And while you are there, you'd better pick up something delicious at the Weihnachtsbäckerei, because:


In der Weihnachtsbäckerei gibt es manche Leckerei.

In the Christmas bakery there is many a treat.

Caption 23, Der Sternschnuppenmarkt - in Wiesbaden

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Of course, your main purpose there is not to snack on pastries, but to pick up some Weihnachtsgeschenke:


Hier kann man schöne Weihnachtsgeschenke kaufen.

You can buy beautiful Christmas presents here.

Caption 14, Diane - auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

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When you get home, it may be time to decorate the Weihnachtsbaum


Also der Weihnachtsbaum

Well, the Christmas tree

wird bei uns am Vierundzwanzigsten aufgestellt.

will be set up at our place on the twenty-fourth.

Caption 27, Weihnachtsinterviews - Cettina in Linkenheim

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Learning suggestions:

Can you figure out what some of these other words based on Weihnachts- (Christmas-) mean?

Weihnachtssachen, Weihnachtsbaumständer, Weihnachtsspenden, Weihnachtstrubel, Weihnachtsferien, Weihnachtsmann, Weihnachtsessen

Search for videos on Yabla that use these words to better understand their meaning and context!


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