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Summer Clothing

Would you believe that there was sleet and hail this past week in Berlin? Spring generally arrives slowly in northern Germany, but such cold weather is rather unusual for the end of April.


A few weeks ago, things were totally different. People had put away their winter coats and a few brave souls even wore sandals. So, this week's lesson is on vocabulary for spring and summer clothing, with the hope that we will need these soon! This lesson is a companion to a lesson on winter clothing that was sent out some time ago. 

Let's start out with the basics:


Bei so einer Witterung gerne eine kurze Hose oder auch mal ein T-Shirt.

With such weather, gladly a pair of shorts or a T-shirt once in a while.

Caption 26, Rheinmain Szene Unheilig: „Der Graf“ 

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Einen Rock, vielleicht zum Weggehen abends.

A skirt, perhaps, for going out in the evening.

Caption 11, Christiane: fährt in den Urlaub

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In her video on clothing, Eylin demonstrates that the nouns der Rock and das Kleid can be combined with der Sommer for specificity:


Im Sommer braucht man: Sandalen, Flipflops, Sommerkleider, kurze Hosen, Sommerröcke ...

In summer you need sandals, flip-flops, summer dresses, shorts, summer skirts...

Captions 37-39, Deutsch mit Eylin: Farben und Kleidungsstücke

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In addition to sandals, sneakers (which are also referred to as such in German) can be seen everywhere in the spring and summer. 


Ich gehe noch schnell nach Haus und hol meine Turnschuhe.

I'll go home real quick and get my sneakers.

Caption 27, Janoschs Traumstunde: Der Wettlauf zwischen Hase und Igel

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Of course, you may very well find yourself needing eine leichte Jacke ("a light jacket"), eine Übergangsjacke (der Übergang means "the transition"), or eine Regenjacke. We are in Germany, after all!


Und wenn es draußen regnet, dann brauchen wir die hier... eine Regenjacke.

And if it's raining outside, then here we need... a raincoat.

Captions 20-21, Eva zeigt uns: Kleidungsstücke

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Further Learning
What spring clothing items have you worn so far? Try out a few sentences and watch all of Eylin's video on Yabla German for more clothing-related vocabulary. 

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