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The Holidays in 2020

In a Yabla interview filmed at a Christmas market a few years back, one couple describes their ideal Christmas:


Gemütlich, mit gutem Essen, Spielen,

Comfortably, with good food, games...

unsere Kinder sind groß,

Our children are grown up,

die brauchen keine Riesenpakete mehr.

they don't need huge presents anymore.

Captions 16-17, Weihnachtsinterviews - Diane in Karlsruhe

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It's true that Christmas this year in Germany took a bit of getting used to. Due to the continuing social-distancing regulations prohibiting parties and big gatherings, people stayed indoors with their focus firmly set on increased Gemütlichkeit. The word gemütlich means "comfortable" or "cozy" as an adjective and "comfortably" as an adverb.


Ganz zum Schluss werde ich noch den Kerzenständer aufstellen,

At the very end, I'll also set up the candle holders

damit wir es gemütlich haben.

so that it's cozy for us.

Captions 13-14, Tisch decken - mit Eva

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Wie verbringen Sie Silvester? -Ganz gemütlich zu Hause.

How will you spend New Year's Eve? -Very comfortably at home.

Caption 7, Silvester - Vorsätze für das neue Jahr - Linkenheim

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The current restrictions in Germany will continue through New Year's, but many people are making the most of it and simply appreciating getting to spend time at home (zu Hause) with those closest to them.


Wir haben beide gedacht, dass wir zu Hause bleiben müssen.

We both thought that we would have to stay at home.

Caption 14, Konjugation - Das Verb „denken“

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Es war sehr, sehr spannend,

It was very, very exciting

aber jetzt möchte ich lieber zu Hause bleiben, hier bei euch.

but now I'd rather stay at home, here with you.

Captions 100-101, Märchen - Sagenhaft - Der kleine Däumling

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Since restaurants and bars will be closed on New Year's Eve, the festivities will be limited and more focused on coziness and quality time than seeing lots of people. To avoid feeling too cooped up, however, it's important to get outside a bit as well. A nice stroll or hike in the few hours of daylight is always a good idea: 


Natürlich kann man auch einfach nur spazieren gehen.

Of course, one can also simply just go for a walk.

Caption 10, Berlin - Eva im Viktoriapark

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Further Learning
If you're spending extra time at home this week, use it as an opportunity to keep up your language skills with Yabla German! Take a look at our latest videos or catch up on recent lessons here

Wir wünschen Euch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!


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