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The Mouse Is Out!

Idiomatic expressions can be difficult, because even if you know what all of the words mean, it can sometimes be nearly impossible to understand what the phrase means. Just think about how some standard English idioms sound if you try to understand them literally: "It's raining cats and dogs," or "Don't spill the beans." Neither cats, nor dogs, nor beans have anything to do with what is really being expressed! This week's new Yabla video, the film trailer from "Frau Müller muss weg!," contains a number of colorful German idioms:



Das ist die Realität. Aus die Maus.

That is the reality. The mouse is out [idiom, it's over and done].

Caption 2, Filmtrailer - Frau Müller muss weg!

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Although German idioms often don’t have a direct English equivalent, a more literal translation might be: “The game is up."


Fassen Sie sich gefälligst an Ihre eigenen Nasen.

Kindly grab your own noses [idiom, mind your own concerns], please.

Caption 15, Filmtrailer - Frau Müller muss weg!

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The English idioms "keep your nose out of my business" and "mind your own business" have similar meanings.


Wenn's um Konflikte geht,

Whenever it's about conflicts,

wird das hier immer unterirdisch.

it always ends up underground [idiom, things become abysmal] here.

Caption 21, Filmtrailer - Frau Müller muss weg!

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Yabla German always provides you with a direct word-for-word translation as well as the direct meaning of the phrase to help you better understand these idiomatic expressions.



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