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The News

These days more than ever, our eyes are on the news. Finding reliable sources is so essential for keeping up to date with politics, following the weather and the environment, and learning about society and culture.


As we know from a previous lesson, die Nachricht can mean "the message," but also refers to the news. Note that "the news" is singular in English, but plural in German.


Die Nachrichten über den Krieg in der Ukraine seien schwer zu ertragen.

The news about the war in Ukraine is hard to bear.

Caption 21, Private Hilfe auf dem Bahnsteig: Berliner helfen Ukrainern

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Many people get their news from newspapers, whether in print or online. Some German newspapers include Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine, and Süddeutsche Zeitung. There are also political magazines like Der Spiegel with articles on current events.


Ich hab Zeitung gelesen und mich in den Artikel vertieft.

I was reading the newspaper, immersing myself in the article.

Caption 8, O du fröhliche: Flashmob in der Straßenbahn

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Du schaust eine Zeitschrift an oder eine Zeitung und dann gibt es Anzeige für ein Auto, Anzeige für ein Parfüm.

You are looking at a magazine or a newspaper and then there is an ad for a car, an ad for a perfume.

Captions 10-11, Deutschkurs in Tübingen: Was braucht der Mensch?

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Ha, traurig, was manche Leute für eine Schlagzeile tun.

Ha, sad what some people do for a headline.

Caption 58, Lerchenberg: Hitlers Hundeführer

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Of course, many people also get their news from television or radio. The word die Sendung can be used to describe either a television show or a radio broadcast. A news show can be referred to as die Nachrichtensendung.


Hallo, hallo. Ich bin der Moderator dieser Sendung.

Hello, hello. I'm the host of this show.

Caption 27, Lerchenberg: Du bist, was du isst

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Whether you read or listen to your news is not as important as making sure the source of the news is reliable: 


Das sagte Merkel am Donnerstag. [Quelle]

That's what Merkel said on Thursday. [Source]

Caption 6, Angela Merkel: Solidarität der Generationen in Coronakrise

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Further Learning
Keep an eye on the series Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten and visit Yabla German for an overview of current events. 

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