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Types of Rain

After some very pleasant summer weather, the last week has been very rainy in Germany. Like English, German has many words and expressions to describe different types of rain. Let's take a look at some examples from Yabla German


In Berlin, we most often only have vereinzelte Schauer (what we refer to in English as "scattered showers"), but in other parts of the country flooding can become a real problem: 


Heutiger Hochwasserstand: wieder mindestens zehn Zentimeter.
Today's flood water level: at least ten centimeters again.
Caption 44, Die Klasse: Berlin '61 


Even when it isn't dangerous, rain can create a lot of complications: 


Der Dauerregen drückte zwar nicht auf die Stimmung...
The constant rain didn't dampen the mood...
Caption 7, FC Bayern München: Triple-Feier im Dauerregen


The Piggeldy and Frederick cartoon linked below has quite an exhaustive list of types of rain: 


Es gibt Platzregen, Dauerregen, Sprühregen, Nieselregen, Eisregen, Landregen, GewitterregenSommerregen, Winterregen und Bindfadenregen.
There are cloudburstsconstant rain, misty raindrizzle, freezing rain, steady rain, thundershowerssummer rain, winter rain and pouring rain.
Caption 10-12, Piggeldy und Frederick: Regen


One other word to know is der Niederschlag ("precipitation") which is often used in weather reports:


Von Westen her kommen dann wieder Tiefausläufer, die dann eben auch Niederschlag mit sich bringen können.
Low-pressure areas are then coming from the west again, which can also then bring precipitation with them.
Caption 22-23, Rhein-Main-TV aktuell: Der Frühling ist da 


Further Learning
What kinds of rain are common where you live? Try to find the equivalent in German. For a challenge, watch this weather report for last week from der Spiegel.

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