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Valentine's Day in Germany

Although Valentine's Day doesn't take over Germany in February like it does the United States, it has a growing presence. In the video Valentinstag: in Karlsruhe, Diane interviews locals to find out what they think of Valentine's Day and what their plans are. Below, you can find some vocabulary about love and relationships to listen for while watching. For more practice, check out this free Valentine's course from Yabla German and smarterGerman!


Wir sind hier am romantischen Karlsruher Schloss

We are here at the romantic Karlsruhe Palace

und hier gibt es auch ein paar Liebespärchen.

and there are also a few couples here.

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Und wurden Sie heute Morgen mit einem romantischen Frühstück überrascht

And were you surprised this morning with a romantic breakfast

oder einem Blumenstrauß?

or a bouquet of flowers?

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Die Karlsruher Pyramide befindet sich mitten im Stadtzentrum von Karlsruhe

The Karlsruhe Pyramid is located in the middle of the city center of Karlsruhe

und ist ein beliebter Treffpunkt für Verabredungen.

and is a favorite meeting place for dates.

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Und haben Sie da schon was geplant für Ihre Lieben?

And have you already planned something for your loved ones?

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Achtung! Eine Verabredung is not always a date, and verabredet sein doesn't always mean you have a date. It may just mean you have an appointment. Similarly, it is possible to say Ihr Lieben without it indicating romantic love. 


Besonders Diamanten sind ein Symbol für ewige Liebe.

In particular, diamonds are a symbol of eternal love.

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Ich bin dafür, dass man, äh...

I am of the opinion that you, uh...

wenn man jemanden richtig gern und lieb hat,

if you really are really fond of someone and love them,

dass man ihm jeden Tag das ein kleines bisschen zeigt...

then you show them that a little bit every day...

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Further Learning
In addition to Diane's interviews, learn about what Valentine's Day is like in Germany from the point of view of a florist and check out the free Valentine's course from Yabla German and smarterGerman mentioned above!


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