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Je nach and je nachdem...

It's good to get familiar with the phrase je nach (and je nachdem), which is usually translated as "according to" or "depending on." Here are some examples.


Ähm, wir haben natürlich je nach Film junge Pärchen da.

Um, we have, of course, depending on the film, young couples here.

Wir haben, ähm, die Actionfans da.

We have, um, the action fans here.

Caption 22, Autokino - Gravenbruch

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Wenn die fünfhundert Gramm Mehl abgewogen sind,

When the five hundred grams of flour are measured out,

kann man je nach Belieben noch eine Prise Salz hinzugeben.

you can also, according to taste, add a pinch of salt.

Captions 7-8, Bayrische Spätzle - mit Christiane

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Je nach der Branche, in der man arbeiten möchte,

Depending on the field that you would like to work in,

kann man auch Arbeitsproben oder die Referenzen der letzten Arbeitgeber hinzufügen.

you can also add work samples or the references from the previous employers.

Captions 30-31, Eva erklärt - Bewerbungen

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Stimmt nicht! Flüchtlinge bekommen je nach Situation eine Bleibe und Versorgung

Not true! Refugees receive, according to their situation, shelter and provisions

im Wert von zweihundertsiebenundachtzig bis dreihundertneunundfünfzig Euro pro Monat.

at a value of two hundred eighty-seven to three hundred fifty-nine euros per month.

Captions 7-8, Flüchtlingskrise - 10 Vorurteile, die nicht stimmen

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Darin enthalten sind allerdings noch nicht die Kosten für das Autogramm,

However, this still does not include the cost of the autograph,

so werden je nach Bekanntheitsgrad des Schauspielers

so depending on the level of fame of the actor,

schnell bis zu zweihundert Euro für die Fan-Erinnerung fällig.

up to two hundred euros can be soon owed for the fan memento.

Captions 12-14, Star Wars - Treffen der Fangemeinde

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Historisch hatten die entweder Leder

Historically, they had either leather

oder halt, äh, Turban, und gewickelt,

or just, uh, a turban and wrapped it around,

je nachdem, wo sie beim Militär waren.

according to where they served in the military.

Captions 17-19, Mit Schwert und Schild - Gladiatorenschule in Trier

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Je nachdem is correct when it is followed by a subordinate clause as is the above case, whereas je nach dem is only correct when followed by a masculine or neuter noun – and only when the definite article is mentioned, which is usually not the case (for example, you would never say je nach dem Belieben; only je nach Belieben is correct). Je nach dem is, for example, correct in je nach dem zugrunde liegenden Gedanken.


Further Learning
Write down some example sentences in English using "according to" and "depending on" and translate them into German. You can ask your teacher or a classmate to check your work for you. You can also go to Yabla German and find some other examples of sentences using je nach.

Ways to Say "However" in German

There are several words in German that convey the essential meaning of "however," even if they are not always translated as such. The primary words to look out for are allerdingsjedoch, and hingegen.



Dirk Nowitzki weiß allerdings, wo seine Wurzeln liegen.

Dirk Nowitzki knows, however, where his roots lie.

Caption 24, Basketball-Superstar - Dirk Nowitzki im Kino

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Allerdings scheiterte sein Fluchtversuch. 

However, his attempt to flee failed. 

Caption 7, 25 Jahre Mauerfall - Radtour durch die Geschichte

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Das Wahrzeichen ist jedoch das mit feuervergoldeten Kupferschindeln gedeckte Goldene Dachl.

The landmark, however, is the Goldenes Dachl [Golden Roof] covered with fire-gilded copper tiles.

Caption 31, 48 h in Innsbruck - Sehenswürdigkeiten & Tipps

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Der Eintrittspreis ist jedoch der alte geblieben.

The entry fee, however, stayed the same.

Caption 17, Autokino - Gravenbruch

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An anderen Orten und in anderen Ländern wird hingegen das Vieh geehrt.

In other places and countries, however, the cattle are honored.

Caption 21, Cettina erklärt - Pfingsten

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Der Bilderrahmen hingegen ist quadratisch, weil alle vier Seiten gleich lang sind.

The picture frame, however, is square, because all four sides are equally long.

Captions 40-41, Eva zeigt uns - Formen

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You may also see any of the words above translated as "at the same time," "on the other hand," or simply as "but." Similarly, aber and doch are occasionally translated as "however." Dennoch (translated as "nonetheless," "nevertheless," "however") and wiederum ("in turn," "on the other hand," "however") are two more words that have a similar function.


Further Learning
Pay attention to the various ways in which these words are translated on Yabla German and especially to the position of the word in the English sentence in comparison with the original German, as it may not be the same. 

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