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Im Garten

Die Pflanzen blühen jetzt.

The plants are blooming now.

Caption 12, Jahreszeiten - Der Sommer

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After an extremely cold March, Germany experienced temperatures up to 73° F / 23° C this last week. It seems that temperatures below freezing will not return for a while, so it's time for many people to get outside and work in the garden. 


Sein Leben sind die Pflanzen, die er liebevoll rund um sein Häuschen hegt, und das Saatgut, das er daraus gewinnt.

His life consists of the plants that he lovingly tends around his little house and the seeds that he gets from them.

Captions 5-6, Ökobauer - Allein im Wald

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Nitrat ist klassischer Pflanzendünger.

Nitrate is a traditional plant fertilizer.

Caption 26, Bundesregierung - Der Tomatenfisch

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Piggeldy wollte wissen, was Unkraut ist.

Piggeldy wanted to know what a weed is.

Caption 1, Piggeldy und Frederick - Unkraut

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People who live in the city can start planting flowers and herbs on their window sills and on their balconies. 


Ich habe meine Balkonkästen mit dieser Erde gefüllt.

I filled my balcony planters with this soil.

Caption 30, Mülltrennung - in Heidelberg

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Of course, those in the agriculture business (die Landwirtschaft) have already been at work for a while, since their planting and harvesting are hardly limited to the warm months


Und hier sehen wir, wie auf der Domäne Dahlem Landwirtschaft betrieben wird.

And here we see how farming is done at the Domain Dahlem.

Caption 23, Berlin - Domäne Dahlem - Part 1

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Der kleine, freche Rabe Socke flitzt mit seinem Rennwagen durch den hessischen Wald, statt wie seine Freunde bei der Ernte zu helfen.

The little, impertinent raven Socke flies with his race car through the Hessian forest instead of helping with the harvest like his friends.

Captions 2-3, Filmtrailer - Der kleine Rabe Socke

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Further Learning
Search for more vocabulary on Yabla German, or refer to websites such as this one for basic gardening terms, or this thorough list of words related to agriculture.

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

In last week's lesson, we discussed how translating animal names directly may not be wise, and the same applies to flora as well. If you were to directly translate the German word for "dandelion" into English, for example, you would wind up with "lion's tooth" (der Löwenzahn). You may be relieved, however, to recall that, as poet Gertrud Stein once famously wrote: "A rose is a rose is a rose." Or as the case may be, eine Rose


With spring hopefully just around the corner, let's take a look at some flower names as they appear in some Yabla German videos. 


Eine Kornblume mit vielen Blütengeschwistern.

A cornflower with many sibling blossoms.

Caption 30, Piggeldy und Frederick - Unkraut

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Das Stoppelfeld, die Sonnenblume, schläfrig am Zaun...

The stubbled field, the sunflower, sleepy against the fence...

Caption 9, Sabine und Ivana - Gedichte im Bus

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Er hat sich die Tulpen überallher bringen lassen.

He had tulips brought in from all over the world.

Caption 52, Karlsruher Stadtgeburtstag - die Majolika-Manufaktur

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The above are quite easy examples, in that they are either coincidentally correct as direct English translations or, in the case of "tulips," are very similar words. 



Further Learning
Take a look at this list of German flower names and see how many you can guess correctly without having to look them up. Meanwhile, keep your eyes open for the first flower of spring...

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