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Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

We've gone into detail about the German phrase of "sliding" (rutschen) into the New Year in a lesson last year, so let's instead take a quick peek at two new videos that Yabla is releasing in celebration of Silvester — and I don't mean "Sylvester and Tweetie!"



Was machen wir eigentlich an Silvester?

What are we actually doing on New Year's Eve?

Caption 2, Im Zoo - Der Jahreswechsel für die Tiere

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A major part of New Year celebrations in many countries is the shooting off of fireworks and firecrackers. Der Böller is a firecracker, and "to set off a firecracker" is the verb böllern. If we turn this verb into a noun or nominalize it, it becomes das Böllern

Fester Bestandteil:

An integral part:

meist das Anstoßen auf das neue Jahr und das Böllern.

usually the toast to the new year and the setting off of firecrackers.

Caption 4, Im Zoo - Der Jahreswechsel für die Tiere

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And of course parties are a key part of the celebration: 

Der Neujahrsempfang ist aber auch die ideale Plattform,

The New Year's reception is indeed also the ideal platform

um gute Neuigkeiten bekannt zu machen.

for announcing some good news.

Captions 3-4, Rhein-Main-TV - FSV-Neujahrsempfang

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But the New Year's reception is also the ideal platform to announce good news

You may also see it described as die Silvesterparty or das Neujahrsfest. Either way, have fun — but not so much that you'll regret it the next day! 



Further Learning
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