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Culcha Candela - Votet für Culcha

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:01     Accent: Berlinian
The two Berliners Paul and Kalle call on everybody to vote for Culcha Candela because the Comet 2010 Awards are just around the corner.

Culcha Candela - ziehen Bilanz

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:25     Accent: Berlinian
Culcha Candela has a new album, which includes all of the old and new hits. "The Best" is the name of the just-released "best of" album. The Berlin band Culcha Candela has existed for almost nine years, so it's time see things in their proper perspective. Copyright: dpa
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"Das Beste" heißt das gerade erschienene Best-Of-Album von Culcha Candela.
„Spaß" und „Party" stehen mittlerweile im Vordergrund der Songs von Culcha Candela.
Nach "Move It" und dem Best-Of-Album planen Culcha Candela schon für die Zukunft
"The Best" is the name [of] the just released "best of" album from Culcha Candela.
"Fun" and "party" stand, in the meantime, in the foreground of the songs of Culcha Candela.
After "Move It" and the "best of" album, Culcha Candela are already planning for the future

Culcha Candela - Eiskalt

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:33     Accent: German
The official video for the song “Eiskalt” [Ice cold] by Culcha Candela. Culcha Candela is nominated for the Comet on May 25th in the category Best Live Act.

Culcha Candela - Sommer im Kiez - Videodreh

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:34     Accent: German
On May 28th 2010 the new single “Somma im Kiez” [Summer in the neighbourhood] by Culcha Candela was released. The guys had a lot of fun during the shooting of the video.
Matches in Transcript
Und, äh, Fulcha aus Jena. Ey, Culcha Candela natürlich.
auf dem Dreh von "Somma im Kiez", Culcha Candela.
And, uh, Fulcha from Jena. Hy, Culcha Candela, of course.
at the shoot of ""Summer in the hood," Culcha Candela.

Culcha Candela - Monsta [Monster]

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:19     Accent: German
The official video for the song “Monsta” by Culcha Candela. “Monsta” is nominated for the Comet on May 25th in the category Best Party Song and Culcha Candela for Best Live Act.

Culcha Candela - Making of Berlin City Girl

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:45     Accent: Berlinian
Culcha Candela is a pop band from Berlin with members from all over the world. In this clip, they give us glimpse behind the scenes while they shoot their single Berlin City Girl. Viel Spaß!
Matches in Transcript
Hallo, wir sind Culcha Candela!
Hello, we are Culcha Candela!

Culcha Candela - Sommer im Kiez

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:14     Accent: German
This is the official video for the song “Sommer im Kiez” [Summer in the Hood] by the Hip Hop and Reggae band Culcha Candela from Berlin.

Culcha Candela - Solarenergie

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:56     Accent: German
Viewer Discretion Advised
Listen to Culcha Candela’s summer song “Solar Energy” and don’t despair: There will be another summer.

Luxuslärm feat. Culcha Candela - Mehr Gewicht

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 3:58     Accent: German
Luxuslärm featuring Culcha Candela make a strong statement against the ubiquitous slimming craze with their new single.
Matches in Transcript
[Luxuslärm feat. (mit) Culcha Candela, „Mehr Gewicht"]
[Luxuslärm featuring Culcha Candela, "More weight"]

Culcha Candela - Schöne Neue Welt

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 3:44     Accent: German
With their song “Schöne Neue Welt” [Brave New World] the Berlin Hip-Hop and Reggae band Culcha Candela criticizes the superficiality and indifference of the “fun society” towards problems like climate change.