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kommen aus and kommen von

One of the first phrases you learned in German was likely similar to the following: 


Hallo, mein Name ist Julia und ich komme aus Düsseldorf.

Hello, my name is Julia and I'm from Dusseldorf.

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Several German prepositions can be translated as "from," but when talking about the permanent fact of your country of origin or hometown, you will always use aus


There are instances, however, where von is used with the verb kommen to reference location. One is when you are talking about getting from place to place: 


Aber wie komme ich von Deutschland nach England oder Schottland?

But how do I get from Germany to England or Scotland?

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Wie komme ich von Stuttgart zum Europapark?

How do I get from Stuttgart to Europapark?

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Kannst du mir bitte den Weg erklären, wie ich von hier aus am besten zur Stadthalle komme?

Can you please explain to me the way to get to City Hall most easily from here?

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In these sentences, von is paired with the appropriate preposition for the place that follows. 


Another instance in which the preposition von is used is when a person has just been somewhere and expresses that they have come directly from that location. 


Ich komme gerade von der Agentur für Arbeit.

I have just come from the employment agency.

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One thing to be aware of is that there are also two separable verbs, davonkommen and auskommen, which have distinct meanings. In this case, what looks like a preposition is actually part of the verb. 


Ich weiß gar nicht, wie die Menschen früher ohne Kreditkarte ausgekommen sind.

I have no idea how people got by before without credit cards.

Caption 18, Kein Kredit: im Land der Klone

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Das heißt, so ein Verleumder kommt einfach ungeschoren davon?

That means such a slanderer easily comes away unscathed?

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Further Learning
After looking at these examples from Yabla German, create your own sentences or questions (one of each type!) to practice saying out loud. 

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