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Halloween in Deutschland

Halloween in Germany is not the major celebration that it often is in the United States, but it has definitely gotten more popular in recent decades, with kids' costumes showing up in the shops and people having costume parties. This latter tradition is, of course, already a part of German culture as found in the ancient carnival or Fasching customs. You can brush up on some of your spooky German with examples from the following videos.



In der Nacht vor Allerheiligen sind die Monster los.

In the night before All Hallow's Eve, the monsters are on the loose.

Caption 1, Halloween - Gruselvergnügen auf Burg Frankenstein

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Geister, Untote, paranormale Phänomene...

Spirits, zombies, paranormal phenomena...

Caption 1, Paranormal? - Auf Geisterjagd in Ludwigsburg

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Da reiben sich die Hexen mit Flugsalbe ein

Then the witches rub on flying ointment

und fahren auf ihren Besen.

and ride on their brooms.

Captions 23-24, Geschichte - Hexenverbrennung im Odenwald

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Das Grauen ist hier real!

The horror is real here!

Caption 22, Halloween - Gruselvergnügen auf Burg Frankenstein

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Vermutlich geht Halloween auf eine Tradition der alten Kelten zurück.

Supposedly Halloween goes back to a tradition of the ancient Celts.

Caption 4, Cettina erklärt - Halloween

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Further Learning
Watch the above videos to get into the Halloween spirit and search on Yabla German for more videos related to the topic. Most important of all, we wish you a happy and safe Halloween!

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