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This week's lesson is all about exercise! When you think of "exercise" in the context of Yabla German, you might immediately think of language exercises, but we are now talking about die Übung in relation to der Sport or das Training. These are two common nouns for "the exercise" or "the workout," along with their related verbs: 


Ja, mehr Sport machen, drei Kilo abnehmen und eine Tätowierung.

Yeah, exercise more, lose three kilos and a tattoo.

Caption 31, Silvester: Vorsätze für das neue Jahr - Karlsruhe

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Ganz gemütlich, wir trainieren hier jetzt die Oberschenkel.

Very comfortably, we are training the thighs now.

Caption 68, TEDx: Lebenslange Fitness

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When people go to the gym (ins Fitnessstudio gehen), they may use particular machines or equipment. But there are lots of exercises that can be done just with a mat, or no equipment at all:


Ja, also, ich muss sagen, ich trainiere wirklich sehr, sehr gerne im Fitnessstudio, also wirklich auch im Freihantelbereich.

Yeah, well, I have to say, I really, really like to work out at the gym, really in the free weights area too.

Captions 54-55, Anja Polzer: Interview

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Er reagiert genauso auf Training wie dein Bizeps auf Hanteltraining.

It responds to exercise the same way like your biceps to dumbbell training.

Captions 9-10, Deutsch mit Eylin: Kreatives Schreiben

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Liegestütze, Kniebeugen... und solche Sachen.

Pushups, squats... and things like that.

Caption 48, Deutsch mit Eylin: Sportarten

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So, die nächste Übung ist auch wieder für die Beine, wir machen einen ganz weiten Ausfallschritt nach vorne.

So, the next exercise is also for the legs again, we make a very big lunge forward.

Captions 19-20, Workout mit Erik: Übungen für Arme, Beine, Po, Rücken

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Ja, was man auch machen kann, ist zum Beispiel, Sit-ups, Bauchtraining.

Yes, what you can also do are, for example, sit-ups, abdominal training.

Caption 33, Finanzassistentin: Sarah interviewt Cettina

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Of course, some people do not like gyms and prefer to get exercise outside or through team sports:


Es ist dreimal effektiver auch als joggen, das heißt, du verbrennst hier dreimal mehr Kalorien als beim Joggen.

It's also three times more effective than jogging — that is, you burn three times as many calories here than when jogging.

Captions 53-54, Rhein-Main Ferien: 360 Jump in Dietzenbach

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Further Learning
On Yabla German, you can watch Erik's workout video in its entirety to get a sense of how a sequence of exercises would be directed in German, or watch Eylin's video on sports to learn the German words for all sorts of sports. 

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