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Grilling Season

With summer just around the corner, it's time to dust off the grills and get ready for some delicious food. Although you may not be vegetarian or vegan yourself, you probably know somebody who is.



Die Eltern vom Nachbarn,

The parents of our neighbor,

die grillten allerdings auch Sojawürstchen.

though, they also grilled small soy wursts.

Caption 26, Konjugation - Das Verb „grillen“

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So don't forget to pick up a few veggie wursts before your next grilling party, and be sure to get some advice from some vegetarian friends as to which veggie sausages taste better, and which ones taste... wurst!


Ich bin Vegetarier, also außer Fisch, den ess' ich natürlich.

I'm vegetarian, well, except fish, I eat that, of course.

Caption 27, Thomas D - Ärgernisse

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So although eating fish may actually disqualify you as a vegetarian, a lot of people are trying to be more conscientious about what they eat, and buying some non-endangered fish for the grill might even be a healthier option for some meat eaters.


Enjoy the summer with some delicious and ecologically correct grilling!


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