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"Mini-Marxe" - In Trier

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

These red figures are not mutated garden gnomes, they are the founding father of Communism, Karl Marx! Artist Ottmar Hörl from Nuremberg created 500 of these statues to celebrate Marx's 195th birthday.

50 Jahre James Bond - Ausstellung im Museum Folkwang

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

The Folkwang Museum put together a fantastic exhibition of James Bond posters for 007 fans, a few examples of which are available to see online. Were developments in modern society reflected in British spy films? Were James Bond’s martinis really “shaken not stirred?” Take a taste of this video cocktail and find out! (video copyright dpa)

Architektur - Karlsruher Brunnen - Part 1 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate German     South German

Water fountains: they not only give us fresh water, but they are also often architectural works of art. In this video Günther and Gaby Walz give us a tour through the city of Karlsruhe, showing us the most important fountains and explaining their significance. Enjoy this little plunge into Karlruhe's history!

Architektur - Karlsruher Brunnen - Part 2 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate German     South German

And our excursion into the realm of Karlruhe's water fountains continues, past expressive, carefully formed sculptures and gentle splashing waters. Enjoy!

Ball des Weines - Tombola (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate German     Hessian

Thomas Raudnitzky from RheinMain Szene tries his luck in the lottery at the Ball of Wine.

Berlin - Indoor-Camping im „Hüttenpalast“ - Part 1 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

Is a hotel too boring, but camping outdoors too rough? Try the Hüttenpalast in Berlin-Neukölln, which offers the best of both worlds! (video copyright dpa)

Berlinale - Schauspieler Jürgen Vogel

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

Who needs Hollywood? Well, everyone in the film industry, really, but there is enough glamour at the annual Berlinale Film Festival to keep the paparazzi shouting. Hear actor Jürgen Vogel and actress Birgit Minichmayr discuss their exciting new film entitled Mercy. (video: copyright dba)

Bretten - Das Peter-und-Paul-Fest - Part 1 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: advanced German     Baden
In part one of this series, Yabla star reporter Diane attends the Peter and Paul festival in Bretten, where she not only dons medieval garb, but proceeds to take lessons in loading and shooting a replica of an ancient matchlock musket, and all in a genuine Baden dialect!

Bretten - Das Peter-und-Paul-Fest - Part 2 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate German     South German

Part two of this series takes Yabla star reporter Diane to a catapult stand, where the carnie gives her a detailed account of the history of the catapult, and on to the "Mercenaries" club, whose members wear medieval costumes and barter their services in Bretten's Peter and Paul Festival. Enjoy!

Bretten - Das Peter-und-Paul-Fest - Part 3 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: advanced German     South German

In this next part, Yabla star reporter Diane tells us tales of the battle between Bretten and the Duke of Württemberg, of the fattened puppy that fooled him into retreat! We are also presented with the conjuring of a court jester. Viel Spaß!

Dämonen, Albträume und Wahnsinn - Sonderausstellung „Schwarze Romantik"

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

Most people tend to associate symbols like roses and hearts with the term "Romanticism." However, visitors' searches for such things at the special exhibit "Black Romanticism" in Frankfurt am Main are proving futile. Instead, images of nightmares and demons lie in wait for them. Copyright dpa

Das "Urban Art"-Projekt - Polnischer Militärhubschrauber

Difficulty: advanced German     Germany

An interview with the artists “Beastiestylez” and “I ARE UGLY” of the gallery Richter und Masset in Munich about the artistic conversion of a former military helicopter.

Der Struwwelpeter - Ausschnitte (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

Der Struwwelpeter, known famously in English as “Shockheaded Peter”, is a brutal set of stories from the 19th century intended to terrify children into behaving.
In 1891, Mark Twain wrote “Slovenly Peter”, his own translation of the book.
This video selection, made in the 1950s, adds a fantastic, surreal element to what is already a bizarre selection of tales. Copyright: RheinMainTV.

Der Trabi - Das Kultauto aus dem Osten

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

The German Democratic Republic no longer exists and nostalgia ("Ostalgie") for the "good old days" may be fading out. Nevertheless, the "Trabi" is still going strong on 50 miles per gallon. Learn about the cult status that this relic of former communist East Germany has achieved. Viel Spaß!

Fastnacht - Karneval - Quartier Latin - Part 1 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

The students of Frankfurt University celebrate their annual carnival party Quartier Latin. This year the motto is “Hollywood.” Thomas Raudnitzky from RheinMain Szene reports.

Fastnacht - Karneval - Quartier Latin - Part 2 (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: advanced German     Hessian

RheinMain Szene reporter Thomas Raudnitzky interviews a couple more partygoers at the carnival party Quartier Latin at the University of Frankfurt.

Fastnacht - Karneval - Karnevalisten (View All Episodes)

Difficulty: advanced German     Hessian

Seligenstadt is one of Germany’s oldest towns and is widely known for its Carnival parade. In this interview we meet three important participants of this parade and find out more about Carnival history.

Fotoshooting - Visual Arts Academy

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

The photography students of the Visual Arts Academy are given the opportunity to participate in an actual photoshoot with models wearing the new collection of the Serbian fashion designer Slavna Martinovic.

Freude am Singen - mit Primacanta

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

Singing is fun, and the Primacanta children turn the Römerberg square in Frankfurt into their own stage for making making music together. Rhein-Main reporter Melissa Bosnjic reports from Frankfurt am Main.

Halloween - Gruselvergnügen auf Burg Frankenstein

Difficulty: intermediate German     Germany

American kids get to make up their own "dungeons" in basements for Halloween fun, but in Germany you can go to the real Frankenstein Castle! Strictly for those who enjoy be frightened... viel Spaß am Halloween! (video copyright dpa)

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