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"Mini-Marxe" - In Trier

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:25     Accent: German

These red figures are not mutated garden gnomes, they are the founding father of Communism, Karl Marx! Artist Ottmar Hörl from Nuremberg created 500 of these statues to celebrate Marx's 195th birthday.

30 Jahre - Menschen für Menschen

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:58     Accent: German

A television bet changed the life of hundreds of thousands of people in Ethiopia. In the program "Wetten, dass...?" [Bet that...?] from May 16th, 1981, actor Karlheinz Böhm bet that not every third viewer would donate a German mark for the Central African Sahelian Zone. He proved to be right, but as a result, founded the People for People Foundation. Copyright: dpa

50 Jahre James Bond - Ausstellung im Museum Folkwang

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:21     Accent: German

The Folkwang Museum put together a fantastic exhibition of James Bond posters for 007 fans, a few examples of which are available to see online. Were developments in modern society reflected in British spy films? Were James Bond’s martinis really “shaken not stirred?” Take a taste of this video cocktail and find out! (video copyright dpa)

65 Jahre - Udo Lindenberg

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:38     Accent: German

With his hat and sunglasses, most Germans recognize him instantly: Musician Udo Lindenberg has made history, and now he's 65 and has a brand new album out.

Action-Trash-Spektakel - Trottelige Nazis und schwarzer Humor

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:29     Accent: German

For decades they have planned their return to earth with plans to ultimately conquer all! The Finnish director Timo Vuorensola has created an absurd and funny Action-Trash spectacle with Iron Sky . DPA Video talked to actress Julia Dietze about the movie.
"Copyright dpa"

Agrarmesse - Grüne Woche in Berlin

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:01     Accent: German

The International Green Week in Berlin is the world's most famous agricultural trade fair. This year the farmers are very pleased with the results and with the increased consumer interest in agricultural products and renewable production processes.
“Copyright dpa"

Angela Merkel - beim Nachhaltigkeitsrat - Part 1

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 4:50     Accent: German

At the 9th Annual Conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development in Berlin on the 23rd of November 2009, Chancellor Angela Merkel talked about the upcoming challenges among others for the growth policy, for the educational and research policy, for species conservation and for international cooperation.

Angela Merkel - beim Nachhaltigkeitsrat - Part 2

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 3:25     Accent: German

German chancellor Angela Merkel continues her talk at the German Council for Sustainable Development about sustainable ways of living and pleads for the importance of species diversity for us and our life on Earth.

Angela Merkel - Neujahrsansprache - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 4:42     Accent: German

At the end of the year 2011, the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel looks back upon the year's major natural, political and economic events. In her address, she encourages her fellow citizens to remain strong and resolute in the face of formidable challenges that lie ahead.

Angela Merkel - Neujahrsansprache - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:23     Accent: German

In the second part of her New Year's address, German chancellor Angela Merkel gives an overview of her policy goals for the coming year. She appeals to the citizens of Germany to join the discussion and work along side her in achieving those goals.

Apple-Trojaner - Wie man ihn beseitigt - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:44     Accent: German

For owners of Apple computers, the honeymoon is now over! In comparison to PCs, the more expensive Apple computer was long considered safe from viruses and Trojan horses. Now one of the first Trojan horses has shown up in their devices. Copyright DPA

Architektur - Karlsruher Brunnen - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 4:38     Accent: South German

Water fountains: they not only give us fresh water, but they are also often architectural works of art. In this video Günther and Gaby Walz give us a tour through the city of Karlsruhe, showing us the most important fountains and explaining their significance. Enjoy this little plunge into Karlruhe's history!

Architektur - Karlsruher Brunnen - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 5:12     Accent: South German

And our excursion into the realm of Karlruhe's water fountains continues, past expressive, carefully formed sculptures and gentle splashing waters. Enjoy!

Auf dem Laufsteg - Modelcollege in Wiesbaden

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:32     Accent: German

At the modeling college of Astrid Bittner-Utsch in Wiesbaden women and men can learn how to walk relaxed and elegantly and present themselves well.

Auftrumpfen - Mit Kitsch und Protz

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:16     Accent: German

Flaunting, not scrimping, is the order of the day: at the Tendence consumer goods trade fair it's all about "deception." This is what the customers want, at least according to designers who introduce ever more pseudo-luxury goods. Copyright dpa

Ausgrabungen - Auf den Spuren der Dinosaurier

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 4:48     Accent: Hessian

The UNESCO World Heritage site Messel Pit is one of the excavation sites that yields the largest number of fossils worldwide. Professors as well as students split the slate in order to find well preserved fossils.

Autokino - Gravenbruch

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:51     Accent: Hessian

Since 1960, the drive-in cinema has been luring young and old to Gravenbruch near Frankfurt/Main with its unusual concept.

Autos der Zukunft - Vollautomatisiert

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:26     Accent: German

Germany, ever a leader in automotive technology, will have to wait until 2025 before fully-automated vehicles are allowed on the autobahn. Continental may be ahead of the curve in Europe, but unless the EU makes a new law, the Google driverless car will stay hot on their heels. (video copyright dpa)

Balztanz - für Fortgeschrittene

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 1:25     Accent: German

According to a scientific study, the right dance moves do make a difference when trying to pick up the opposite sex. Check out this clip for more details! Copyright: dpa

Barfuß unter Schafen - Schäfer- Wettrennen

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:34     Accent: German

The small town of Markgröningen in Baden-Wuerttemberg is known for its fast shepherds. For over 500 years the offspring of local shepherd families race against each other as well as for a sheep. Copyright dpa

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