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Ball des Weines - Franz Beckenbauer

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 1:44     Accent: Bavarian

Franz Beckenbauer explains how it was a slap in the face which lead him to FC Bayern after beginning his career as a schoolboy in his hometown of Giesing. He enjoys food, but cooking is not for him, he says.

Bambi-Verleihung - No-Gos auf dem Roten Teppich

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:35     Accent: German

Inappropriate dress, embarrassing poses and other mishaps. What’s an absolute no-go on the red carpet? Arabella from beQueen asked the stars as they arrived for the Bambi Awards.

Bambi-Verleihung - Stars auf dem roten Teppich - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:49     Accent: German

Reporter Arabella from beQueen interviews the stars on the red carpet, asking them which one of their characteristics is worth a Bambi.

Bambi-Verleihung - Stars auf dem roten Teppich - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:12     Accent: German

Before the Bambi awards, beQueen reporter Arabella interviewed the stars on the red carpet.

Barbara Schöneberger - Bambi-Verleihung Backstage - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:15     Accent: German

German TV personality Barbara Schöneberger is hosting the charity event “Tribute to Bambi.” We accompanied her backstage. A video by beQueen.

Barbara Schöneberger - Bambi-Verleihung Backstage - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:56     Accent: South German

The city of Offenburg has prepared itself for the upcoming Bambi awards show. Barbara Schöneberger takes a look around the city. A video by beQueen.

Barbara Schöneberger - Bambi-Verleihung Backstage - Part 3

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:29     Accent: German

First it’s hair and make up, and now the red carpet awaits Barbara Schöneberger. A video by beQueen

Benedict Wells - Sein neuestes Buch: Spinner

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 2:14     Accent: Swiss

The Swiss author Benedict Wells talks about the bumpy road to his writing career and how effort and perseverance are the key to success. A video by beQueen.

Berlinale - Schauspieler Jürgen Vogel

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:10     Accent: German

Who needs Hollywood? Well, everyone in the film industry, really, but there is enough glamour at the annual Berlinale Film Festival to keep the paparazzi shouting. Hear actor Jürgen Vogel and actress Birgit Minichmayr discuss their exciting new film entitled Mercy. (video: copyright dba)

Big City Beats - DJ Marco Petralia

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:22     Accent: German

An interview with DJ Marco Petralia (who actually studied architectual engineering) from Big City Beats at Cocoon Club in Frankfurt.

Big City Beats - Cover Girl Senta

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 0:43     Accent: German

RheinMain Scene reporter Thomas Raudnitzky interviews the lovely Senta, who has been chosen as the cover girl for Big City Beats Vol. 11.

Bosse mit neuem Album - Entspannt und mit Schwung

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:55     Accent: German

Two years ago Bosse was still sitting in the “Waiting Room,” and delivered, with his self-titled album, a genuine classic. With his new album “Kraniche” (“Cranes“), the Hamburg native has opened up new realms. Copyright DPA

Cassandra Steen - Interview - Part 1

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:36     Accent: German

The German-language soul singer Cassandra Steen in an interview with “RheinMain Szene”-Reporter Thomas Raudnitzky on her German tour.

Cassandra Steen - Interview - Part 2

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:30     Accent: German

Soul singer Cassandra Steen is interviewed about her voice acting role in Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”, and asked about her unusual height.

Cassandra Steen - Interview - Part 3

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:29     Accent: German

The third part of the interview with soul singer Cassandra Steen is about her collaboration with other musicians, her song lyrics and much else.

Cassandra Steen - Interview - Part 4

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 1:33     Accent: German

What grinds the gears of the forbearing Cassandra Steen and how does she feel about talent shows? You are going to find out all that in this fourth and last part of the interview.

Christian Brückner - Synchronstimme von Robert De Niro

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:23     Accent: German

We all know him - actor Robert De Niro. But do you also know his dubbing voice? Christian Brückner is the German voice for The Godfather, Once upon a time in America, Casino, Cape Fear and much more. Even host Thomas Raudnitzky came to enjoy being dubbed.

Christina Stürmer - ist reif fürs Museum

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 1:45     Accent: Austrian

Christina Stürmer is a rock/pop singer from Austria who already has her wax likeness at Madame Tussauds. Now she has the honor of picking out some of her memorabilia for exhibition at the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich.

Claudia Schiffer - Nach der Baby-Pause

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:44     Accent: German

Her time as a supermodel on the runways of the world may be past, but Claudia Schiffer still strikes a good figure on the red carpet. "dpa video" interviewed her at "Vogue Fashion's Night Out" in Berlin. Copyright: Deutsche Presse Agentur [The German Press Agency]

Clubs in Frankfurt - Goldfish and King Kamehameha

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:39     Accent: German

RheinMain TV interviews partygoers at the “Goldfish” and “King Ka” clubs in Frankfurt.

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