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Anna - Am Strand in Mexiko

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:53     Accent: German

For Anna, a beach loving geology student from the University of Technology, Munich, exploring foreign lands make for some of the most important experiences in life. Coming from a small village in Bavaria, she shows how everyone should get out there and see the world. While she sympathizes with those learning German, she recommends that everyone gives it a go.

Berlin - Judith und die Brezel Bar

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:57     Accent: Berlinian

Judith works as a bar keeper at the Brezel Bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Aside from a variety of cold and hot beverages, pretzels in all variations are of course the main attraction of this establishment. Yummy!

Berlin - Eva im Viktoriapark

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:14     Accent: German

Spring! The perfect time to visit Berlin's Viktoriapark. Join Eva as she enjoys the view from the highest point in Berlin's Kreuzberg district.

Berlin - Wannsee

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:07     Accent: German

Wannsee is a subdistrict of the Berlin district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf, which is in the far southwestern part of the city. There are many possible places to go swimming there, and a favorite is the Strandbad Wannsee, the ideal place to recover from the stress of the city!

Das "Race around Fehmarn" - Neuer Surfrekord

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 4:00     Accent: North German

The Surfer Bernd Flessner sets a new record at the “Race around Fehmarn” on May 23rd 2009.
Video provided by

Die Insel Fehmarn - Der Geburtstag der Charchulla-Twins

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 4:47     Accent: North German

The Charchulla twins tell us about their plans for their seventieth birthday: A party in Panama with the Beach Boys of Basti Ventos.
Video provided by

Die Insel Fehmarn - Wasservogelreservat Wallnau

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 2:13     Accent: North German

In 2008, the project “Two paths, one destination” was inaugurated at Wallnau, a water bird reservation on the island of Fehmarn.
Video provided by

Die Insel Fehmarn - Landesmeisterschaften im Beachsoccer

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:24     Accent: North German

Once again the national championships of beach soccer took place at Fehmarn. The team “Primus Inter Pares” surprisingly gained the victory. Video provided by

Die Insel Fehmarn - Hafenfesttage in Heiligenhafen

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 4:12     Accent: North German

The harbor festival days of Heiligenhafen attract many people every year. They get to see, eat and listen to a lot.
Video provided by

Die Insel Fehmarn - Speedsurfen auf Fehmarn

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:30     Accent: German

In the bay of Orth on Fehmarn newcomer Alexander Lehmann became new German speed surfing champion.
Video provided by

Die Insel Fehmarn - Gästeboom

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:07     Accent: German

Visit Germany and have a great vacation! Fehmarn, a German island in the Baltic sea, is increasingly popular for its cultural as well as its natural wealth. A report by

Die Insel Fehmarn - Schlauchboote gegen den Atom-Irrsinn

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:43     Accent: German

Greenpeace activists call attention to a new construction project of a Finnish nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto and demand that this be stopped and that the governments invest in alternative energies instead.

Die Insel Fehmarn - Windsurfing Charchulla

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:10     Accent: German

For a relaxed holiday with surfing classes and music by the campfire, pay a visit to the Charchulla twins on the island of Fehmarn.

Die Insel Fehmarn - Surffestival

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:37     Accent: German

A report from the Fehmarn Surf Festival, including an interview with 35-time world champion Björn Dunkerbeck. Video from the .

Die Schweiz - Chur, die Alpenstadt

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:05     Accent: Swiss

The path into the mountains may often but rocky, but don’t miss out on visiting the city of Chur! See Switzerland’s oldest town: Chur is the highlight of the valley!

Glamping - Camping mit Stil

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:01     Accent: German

In the old days a two-man tent, a sleeping bag and the fresh outdoors were all you needed. But today's sophisticated camper prefers a few more amenities. This is the well-heeled consumer for whom «glamping» was conceived. "copyright dpa"

Jonathan Johnson - die Berliner Mauer und Ost-Berlin

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 3:01     Accent: Berlinian

Join Jonathan Johnson on his tour through East Berlin. He shows us, among other things, the remnants of the notorious Berlin Wall.

Paula & Heide - aus Berlin

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 1:40     Accent: Berlinian

Paula goes to meet her old friend Heide at a cafe in Berlin. Let's see what's new in their lives...

Reisebericht - Wien

Difficulty: advanced German     Length: 1:50     Accent: German

For lovers of classical music Vienna is a true paradise. But also recreational athletes, those interested in culture and others get their money’s worth in this cozy but lively city.

Reiseplanung - Gespräch mit einer Reiseberaterin

Difficulty: intermediate German     Length: 2:01     Accent: South German

Alex is planning a trip from Switzerland to the well-known tourist destination "Europapark" Located in Baden close to the French border, it is Germany's largest amusement park. Listen in on his conversation with his travel agent and learn several useful German expressions. Enjoy!

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